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  • Meet our Management Staff

    Take a minute and get to know our current team members. Be sure and click their photo to read more about the incredible sales management staff that are Making it EASY to purchase a vehicle here at Hagerstown Honda.

  • Brandon Fisher, Honda Sales Manager
    Honda Sales Manager
    (877) 438-0910

    A personality as big as they come, Brandon is unforgettable to all that have met him. Raised in Smithsburg, Brandon loves spending time with his daughters Piper, Whitney and wife Abby! Brandon is always ready to spend time with friends and loves to have people over for backyard Baggo parties and cookouts.

    M - 9-9

    T - 9-9

    W - 9-5

    Th - 1-9

    F -  OFF

    Sat - 9-5

  • Brett Swain, Honda Sales Manager
    Honda Sales Manager
    (877) 438-0910

    Brett has worked for Hagerstown Honda since April of 2002. Now one of our Sales Managers, Brett and his wife Kelli are proud parents of their son Landen and wonderful girl named Leilah! Brett has been actively working on his golf game for the past few months and one day plans to retire to Tampa and play five days a week!

  • Angelo Marino, Honda Sales Manager
    Honda Sales Manager
    (877) 438-0910

    Angelo has been with us since 2011 and we are glad to have him here! He is the host of our Whiteboard Monday YouTube broadcasts, and is a fantastic artist who studied at FSU. When Angelo isn't selling cars, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 6 years, gardening, drawing/painting, and listening to Led Zeppelin vinyls. If you see Angelo make sure to ask him for one of his key chains!

    Angelo Marino

    1.  Where's Home?  Wherever my Wife and Daughter are…which in this case is Hagerstown, MD

    2.  If you didn't live there, where?  I'm good with wherever as long as my family is there.  I can do city, country, you name it.  I genuinely don't like any dry, arid place so not that.

    3.  Where else would I run into you?  Home.  I can't stress enough how much I love to be home.

    4.  Best meal you ever ate?  I really enjoy food so that's a tough one.  I could just as easily say an 'Almond Joy' and that would be as good of answer as, let's say, my Grandmother's lasagna.

    5.  If you could have any super power, what would it be?  I think telekinesis would be pretty cool; I'd move things all day just 'cause I can.  Plus, it's both practical AND fun.

    6.  Your hidden talent?  I can imitate people pretty well, but I have to be around them for a while to get their mannerisms down.

    7.  If time and money were no option, where would you go?  I'd probably stay at home.  It's by far my favorite place to be. I WOULD however outfit my house with cool and impractical things though, a slide instead of stairs, a planetarium…that kind of stuff.

    8.  The last book you read?  It's been awhile

    9.  If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you have to have?  A Frisbee, someone to throw it to, and something that plays music with music already on it.

    10.  What is your morning mug filled with?  Black Coffee

    11.  Best Pop-Tart flavor ever?  No Pop-Tart.  Toaster Strudel…Strawberry.

    12.  Favorite Honda Vehicle?  (Old or new) I currently drive a 2017 Ridgeline which is by-far my favorite.


    M - 9-9

    T - 9-9

    W - 9-5

    Th - By Appointment

    F - 1-9

  • Bob Barnes, Honda Service Manager
    Honda Service Manager
    (877) 438-0910

    Since Bob joined the Hagerstown Honda family in May of 1991, his focus has always been on one thing, customer service. Bob's commitment to his customer is what made him the top salesman at the dealership for over a decade and is what will make you a happy and satisfied service customer. 

  • Joe Willard, Honda Parts Manager
    Honda Parts Manager

    Been with company since 1993. Have 5 grandchildren. Grew up on a farm and still farm as a hobby with my family. Love the outdoors atvs, fishing,hunting and snowmobiling.

    1. Where's Home? Sabillasville,Maryland aka Catoctin Highlands

    2. If you didn't live there, where? No better place

    3. Where else would I run into you? Canada

    4. Best meal you ever ate? Steak at Chicago Cut

    5. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Fly

    6. Your hidden talent? Always positive 

    7. If time and money were no option, where would you go? Jackson Hole

    8. The last book you read? none

    9. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you have to have? Food , water and fishing rod

    10. What is your morning mug filled with? Coffee 

    11. Best Pop-Tart flavor ever? cherry

    12. Favorite Honda Vehicle? (Old or new) Prelude


    M - 8 to 5 

    T - 8 to 5

    W - 8 to 5

    Th - 8 to 5

    F - 8 to 5

    Sat -  off

  • Bill Barnes, Owner
    (877) 438-0910

  • Paul Ritchie, Owner